2016 NCAA Women Coaches Academy



The December Women Coaches Academy in Denver: NCAA Women Coaches Academy’s 4-day educational training program.


ncaawcaAthlete Assessments is attending the final NCAA Women Coaches Academy’s 4-day educational training program in Denver, Colorado from Wednesday November 30 – Saturday December 3 with Liz Masen presenting sessions on CoachDISC and Coaching Styles, Knowing Your Values, and Communication Strategies.

This will be the first program with new Executive Director Megan Kahn at the helm as former Executive Director Marlene Bjornsrud hands over the reins. Kahn has been with the Alliance for four years, most recently as Director of Events and Communication. A former college assistant basketball coach in Texas, she has worked as an athletic administrator with the Atlantic Coast and Atlantic 10 conferences and formed her own consulting company.

“The Alliance is now in a unique position to be true difference makers, to create awareness and change cultures. I feel blessed with this opportunity to lead the Alliance in its important work for every current female coach and every young girl who may follow in her footsteps,” Kahn said.alliance_logo_hdr_041816

Bjornsrud, who has strengthened the organization’s business foundation during her tenure while fine-tuning its programs to support and advocate for women college coaches, will serve as Director of Strategic Relationships during the transition to new Executive Director Megan Kahn.

“I was honored when the Alliance offered me the opportunity to build the coaching profession that I love so much,” Bjornsrud said. “Now, having accomplished the goals the Board of Directors and I agreed upon, my goal is to support and mentor new leaders like Megan in carrying this important work forward.”

Liz Masen said she is always excited to be part of the WCA, which she has been actively involved with since 2009. She is also looking forward to taking another Australian Coach over as a participant with her on this trip following in the footsteps of Mission QLD Firebirds Head Coach Roselee Jencke who traveled from Australia to attend the Women Coaches Academy conference with Liz in 2015, and Tara Steel from Touch Football Australia who traveled to the Washington program as a participant in June this year.

liz_circle-small2-01“Being part of the WCA is an absolute highlight of my year and each Academy brings together an exceptional group of coaches. We use the CoachDISC Profile in several sessions and do a unique segment on their personal values. As a facilitator, it’s both exciting and rewarding to work with such a passionate and committed group of women and I find that I leave each Academy having learnt just as much from the coaches as I have shared.”

-Liz Masen

About the NCAA Women Coaches Academy

The NCAA Women Coaches Academy (WCA) is a 4-day educational training open to Coaches of all experience levels that offers non-sport-specific program management strategies, with a special focus on philosophy development and building your skills and knowledge about planning, communication, legal issues, ethics, hiring, supervising staff, conflict resolution, learning styles and achieving success.alliance_logo_hdr_041816

The academy is for women coaches from NCAA-sponsored sports at NCAA Division I, II, or III member institutions. Since the first WCA session in 2003, more than 36 academies have taken place, producing more than 1,400 graduates.

Athlete Assessments have been involved with the Women Coaches Academy since 2009.

At Athlete Assessments, we’re here to provide you with excellence in service and to help you be your best. If there is anything we can assist you with, please Contact Us.

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