2016 Assistant Coaches Immersion Program (ACIP)



Assistant Coaches Immersion Program (ACIP) May 31st – June 3rd

Athlete Assessments’ Liz Masen will be presenting two sessions at the True North Assistant Coaches Immersion Program (ACIP) in Denver, Colorado alongside True North’s Celia Slater from May 31st – June 3rd on understanding your CoachDISC and a communications workshop.

ACIP is an educational training designed to develop assistant coaches at the collegiate level. They offer participants a non-sport-specific program with a focus on self-awareness, leadership theory, management strategies, philosophy and team culture development. The program is open to men and women Assistant Coaches of all sports and is a great fit for Assistants who are anticipating moving into a head coaching role in the next five years and are interested in learning the skills necessary to create, lead and manage all aspects of their own program, Assistants who are serious about making coaching their professional career, Assistants who are happy being an assistant or associate head coach but want to improve as a manager, leader and communicator and Coaches that are interested in finding a “tribe” of assistants from ALL sports they can rely on for support and ideas as they move through their career. For more information head to their website.

Celia SlaterAbout Celia Slater:

Athletics Strategist, Creative Coaching Visionary, and Impassioned Leader

Pioneering, forward-thinking and solution-focused, Celia Slater is a nationally-recognized leader committed to providing professional development opportunities for coaches of all sports interested in pursuing both excellence in their profession and bridging the gap toward gender equality for both coaches and players. Celia’s core beliefs rest in the power of emotional investment in reaching one’s own “true north” to achieve the height of victory as a coach, not just in accolades, but by successfully understanding one’s self, being authentic, and communicating with one’s players to have a mutually-beneficial relationship. With a keen eye, sharp mind and deep intuition, Celia brings integrity to collegiate coaching for all genders, races, and sexualities, and, above all, limitless innovation. Her mantra for coaches stands: “If you want to win, you must begin from within!”

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