2016 American Volleyball Coaches Association Convention



Ever recruited an athlete and felt like someone else turned up to your program? Do you want to learn how to avoid the disappointment of your expectations not being met when a recruit joins the team? Then ensure not to miss Athlete Assessments’ Bo Hanson’s presentations at the 2016 AVCA Convention from December 14 – 18 in Columbus, Ohio.avca-convention-logo

Bo will be presenting two sessions throughout the convention, the first on Recruiting for What Your Team Really Needs: Improving Recruiting Success by Considering the “Non-Physical” Qualities of a Player.

This presentation focuses on proven strategies to gain a full understanding of the “real recruit”. During this presentation, Bo will use real life illustrations to gain an appreciation of the ‘non-physical’ and ‘non-technical’ qualities of players and the impact this has on the biggest performance factor of all, the team culture. Ensuring a good cultural fit is one of the most fundamental aspects you need to get right to recruit for success. It is far easier to teach skill than it is to teach attitude, behavior and values.

In his second presentation, Developing Your Team to Be ATHLETE TOUGH™: How to Incorporate Resiliency Skill Development into Your Volleyball Program, Bo will discuss the most effective strategies to develop mental toughness within your team, athlete by athlete.

Athlete Assessments will also have an exhibit in the convention marketplace where you can catch up for a chat and discuss all things coaching.

The 2016 AVCA Convention will take place at the Greater Columbus Convention Centre in Columbus, Ohio from December 14-18, 2016.

About Bo Hansonbo-headshot-circle

Your presenter Bo Hanson is a 4x Olympian and triple Olympic Medalist. Since starting Athlete Assessments in 2007 he has worked with more than 800 teams across 41 different sports, and for more than 20 years he has delivered corporate leadership, management and coach development programs across various countries aimed at improving coaching strategies and performance.

At Athlete Assessments, we’re here to provide you with excellence in service and to help you be your best. If there is anything we can assist you with, please Contact Us.

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