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In all sport, physical training can only take you so far. The difference between a ‘good’ performance and a ‘great’ one is not about physical training and conditioning, it’s all about your mental skills and how you work with your coach and team members.

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Like any industry, in sport you need to rely on what is proven to improve performance. Sport is played by people, coached by people and managed by people, so it is imperative to get the people side of sport right.

Whether your staff are just starting out in their careers or have years of experience, great performance is never “arrived at” and relies on on-going, quality professional management and development. As management and leadership expert Stephen Covey said:

“In my 35-year corporate journey and my 60-year life journey, I have consistently found that the thorniest problems I face each day are soft stuff  – problems of intention, understanding, communication, and interpersonal effectiveness  – not hard stuff such as return on investment and other quantitative challenges.”

The best and most successful sport organizations rely on recruiting, developing and retaining the best sports professionals, team managers and sports administrators. If you are looking to improve your people’s management or leadership skills, go to where the top Olympic, National, Professional and College organizations go to get ahead and stay ahead.

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