Emotional Intelligence in Sport Workshop

We marvel at how world class athletes ‘dial up’ the perfect performance consistently. Discover all you need to know about emotional intelligence in sport. A complex topic explained simply.

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The key to sporting emotional intelligence is the ability to control your emotions and create peak performance on demand. A major challenge of every coach is finding how to help their athletes create their best performance when it matters the most. Emotional intelligence is a much talked about concept in sport. But how do you put it into practice in your sports program? This Workshop takes a practical approach to ensure you can incorporate the most critical elements into your everyday coaching and work.

This Workshop examines what emotional intelligence is and how the first step in developing more emotionally intelligent athletes, begins with coaches being able to role model emotionally intelligent behaviors.

Learning Objectives for attendees:

  • Be able to recognize emotionally intelligent responses in yourself and your athletes.
  • Understand your “triggers” which produce either your best or worst performances.
  • Begin to understand how you can improve your level of emotional intelligence and as such enhance your ability to coach your squads and teams.

This Workshop also works extremely well for other participant groups including athletes, teams, officials (umpires and referees), sports administrators, management and other sports professional groups.

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