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People+Sport Magazine: Issue 02

Education and Professional development Edition

Thank you for choosing to download the People+Sport Magazine: Education and Professional Development Edition (Issue 02). The second special edition of our People+Sport Magazine focuses on Real People in Sport, Flipping the Classroom, What Employers really want from Graduates, and how to develop Leaders in your Sports Management or Coach Education Program, it is well worth your valuable time.  To save your PDF copy of the magazine, select the download icon in the viewer below.

A Message from Bo Hanson

Often it is new, state of the art, multi-million dollar facilities or the latest technology in equipment that grabs people’s attention in sport. Yet, when we look at when teams achieve extraordinary results, or the sporting organizations that continue to stay ahead of the rest, it’s rarely due to their hardware, nor do they give credit to their bricks and mortar! What they attribute as central to their success, is leadership, how their team ‘just works’, the high standards of behavior they demand, and their persistent drive.

While it’s nice to have new buildings and equipment, is this the investment that will deliver the best return to your sporting success? In this edition of People+Sport, we’ve focused on what the leaders in education and development are doing. From ‘real people’ to university case studies, to our feature article on high performance coach development, we trust you find value and useful insights.

"We were recently asked why our magazine is called People+Sport and not the other way round. The answer is simple and the reason deliberate, because people come first."

Sport is played by people, coached by people and managed by people, so it is imperative to get the ‘people side’ right to achieve and sustain success.

As management and leadership expert Stephen Covey said “In my 35-year corporate journey and my 60-year life journey, I have consistently found that the thorniest problems I face each day are soft stuff – problems of intention, understanding, communication, and interpersonal effectiveness – not hard stuff such as return on investment and other quantitative challenges.” We aim to provide you with the best resources for getting this important ‘soft stuff’ right.

At Athlete Assessments, we’re here to provide you with excellence in service and to help you be your best. If there is anything we can assist you with, please Contact Us.

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