Farewell to 2014! Here’s some holiday reading with our December newsletter to see out the end of the year and welcome a bright 2015.  This is another exceptional edition packed with valuable articles, the next issue of People+Sport magazine, February High Performing Teams programs and loads more!

Firstly, if you are currently in Oklahoma and specifically at the American Volleyball Coaches Association Convention, come visit with us!  We’re currently there (as I send this newsletter out) and would love to see you. Or if any of your friends or colleagues are involved in volleyball and are here, send them our way.  We’ll be in the marketplace during exhibit times and Bo Hanson is presenting on Saturday morning at 9am (Dec 20th).

Now, on with the update…

Athlete Assessments Newsletters – December 2014


The latest Team Success special edition of our People+Sport Magazine features world-class coaches, including two 2014 NCAA Division I Championship Winners and is well worth your valuable time.

Bringing a group of people together to forge a high performing team is no simple exercise. It doesn’t happen by itself, nor is it a ‘matter of time’. Master coaches understand the intricacies, focus and persistence it takes. There are consistent themes that emerge from the articles in this edition. In highlighting that it takes to be successful in team sports, our clients have many things in common: being deliberate in growing their team culture, setting and maintaining high standards on a daily basis, engaging their athletes to take personal responsibility for their behavior and results, and taking a genuine interest and care for their athletes as people first. Read it online now or if you are a client and missed receiving your copy, please contact me below to request your own copy to be mailed to you.


We’ve noticed that TV shows featuring characters who demonstrate a broad array of DISC behavior styles, are often the most successful. In fact, the foundation to interesting interactions between people and how we create humor is in the difference between different DISC styles. MASH is definitely one such successful example that continues to be re-run again and again. Read how we apply DISC theory to the ever-popular TV series and the characters who made it so incredible to watch.  Read it now.

3. THE ONLY WAY TO WIN (Book Review)

Read our review of Jim Loehr’s book, The Only Way to Win. The book draws on two decades of his work with Fortune 500 executives, world-class athletes and other high achievers to reveal surprising insights about achievement motivation. This core focus is how winning alone, does not bring fulfillment nor does it answer people’s desire for self-esteem, real meaning in their lives and contribution to the world. In fact, winning, even in sport at the highest level, changes nothing about how you ultimately feel about yourself, your relationships with others and the world overall. Read on here…


Are you interested in what professional development coaches found most valuable in their careers? In this article we pass on the results of ‘The Coaching Panel’, a recent survey by Sports Coach UK of 1,200 coaches.  Read it now.


We have set the dates for our most popular professional development program. The Developing High Performing Teams Program will be running in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in February 2015 (sorry, Australia only).
Teams are at the heart of sport. As a coach, manager or sports leader your ability to develop high performing teams is critical for success, on and off ‘the field’. This program ensures you have the tools to build, develop and create inspired teams. Find out how…


There is quite a lot of contradictory and confusing information out there about personality and behavioral assessments. Our aim is to answer your questions to ensure you are well informed about the different types of profiling, their advantages and disadvantages, and why they may or may not work in the context of your team. In this article we compare Clifton StrengthsFinder and DISC in terms off history, models, validity, reliability, self-awareness and Coaching Leadership Development. Read it now.


Success as an athlete does not automatically translate to success as a coach. There was a great article in The Telegraph recently about the transition Jonny Wilkinson is making between these roles. The legendary rugby union player has been doing all he can to ensure he manages this transition successfully, something that many former elite athletes struggle with. Read our article now.


The function of any high-performance program plan is to facilitate the increased performance of players both individually and as a team. The plan provides a blueprint for how to achieve this and includes both operational and strategic planning components. Our guest author, Jason Drummond, shares his research paper on sports high-performance program planning. His last article was very popular and we trust you enjoy this one too!  Read it now.


We all wish you a wonderful end to the year and trust that you have a big smile of happiness and success as you reflect on your year. Enjoy the holidays and we look forward to seeing you in 2015!

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Here’s to a truly exceptional year ahead!

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