2015 ITA Coaches Convention – Bo Hanson Presentation



Bo Hanson will be attending and presenting at the Intercollegiate Tennis Association’s 2015 Coaches Convention in Florida this December. While Bo has worked with many collegiate tennis programs and coaches, this will be his first time presenting at the ITA Convention. Make sure to attend Bo’s presentation and catch up with us at the Exhibitors event on the Sunday evening.

The Details:

What: 2015 ITA Coaches Convention

Where: Naples, Florida

When: 12th – 15th December

Presentation: “When Talent Isn’t Enough”

Presentation Time: 8:30 – 9:30 am, 15th December

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Bo will be presenting at the ITA Coaches Convention before heading to present at the AVCA convention in Nebraska, and is looking forward to the opportunity.

There was a time when tennis was the sport of choice for me. I really enjoyed it and although I was never as good as my older brother, tennis represented a sport my Mum, Dad, brother and I could play together – the whole family. For years we practiced at our local club and I received coaching from the pros. As a game though, it challenged me on so many levels and taught me to appreciate the mental side of sport for the first time.

As I grew older, it became apparent my body was more suited to endurance sports (that is a nice way of saying I was not fast on the court). I took many of the lessons I learnt from playing tournaments and older players to rowing and how to manage myself better to create improved performances. The ITA Convention represents my first time presenting to a Tennis audience and I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge of coaching today’s athletes.

– Bo Hanson

Tennis player

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Presentation: When Talent Isn’t Enough

Ask any coach what keeps them up at night, and rarely is it technical or physical issues. Most often it’s on the ‘people side’. Few coaches, if any, are immune to dealing with athletes that ‘just don’t get it’, communication problems, conflict or ‘personality’ challenges, especially with the current generation of athletes. Can these ‘issues’ be dealt with in such a way as to deliver improved performance when it matters the most? Yes they can!

If you are the type of coach who knows there is more to your program’s success than simply having ‘talented’ athletes, then this workshop is for you. Understanding what makes your athletes ‘tick’ and what you need to create to achieve their full potential. When you attend this workshop, you will leave with a proven framework and key strategies to ensure the factors contributing to your tennis program’s success are ticked off, before ‘issues’ have the chance to undermine your season.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the framework to quickly get to know your athletes and be able to bring out their individual best.
  2. Know how to build team chemistry within your squad of athletes.
  3. Explore the key strategies for starting your season is the best way possible to ensure a successful competitive season.

About Bo Hanson

Bo Hanson (2)Bo Hanson has been working within sport and the business sector for over 15 years, delivering leadership, management and coach development. In addition to his own athletic career, comprising of four Olympics and including three Olympic medals, he has worked internationally with more than 22,000 coaches, athletes and sports administrators from more than 40 different sports to improve coaching strategies and performance.

Bo has spoken at more than 100 International Sporting Conferences on topics critical for coaches of all sports to understand.  At the core of these presentations is the philosophy that building self-awareness enables people to develop productive relationships with those around them. Bo specifically discusses a modern approach to coaching and leadership, how to create improved team performances and how to use behavioral profiling to achieve sustainable success. With his practical experience from working with more than 700 teams, Bo discusses the behaviors of the best teams and identifies how to prevent your program from being derailed by “people issues”.

At Athlete Assessments, we’re here to provide you with excellence in service and to help you be your best. If there is anything we can assist you with, please Contact Us.

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