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With the right motivation it's amazing what you can achieve. When you are motivated to work towards your goals it is that much easier to go the extra mile when others might call it quits.

Motivation is a huge factor in sporting success. Champion athletes know how to motivate themselves to reach the higher level - do you? We can help you find out, using Athlete Assessments' exclusive sports profiling tool. It reveals detailed insights into your unique personal motivators.

What motivates you?

Understanding what motivates you is critical to achieving your sporting goals. But how do you figure out what REALLY motivates you as an athlete, a coach, or as part of a team?

Each individual is unique and complex, and has his or her own set of motivators. Identifying your specific motivators, or the best combinations of motivators on your own is not as straightforward as you might hope.

Find your sports motivation now

You can discover what really motivates you quickly and easily with Athlete Assessments' unique sports profiling system. Developed by four-time Olympian and multi-medal winning athlete Bo Hanson, Athlete Assessments offers comprehensive, online sports profiling for athletes and for coaches (and we also have one specifically for other sports professionals).

For athletes

Sports profiling can give you detailed insight into your 'sporting personality', revealing the factors that truly motivate you to train and perform to your best.

Once you understand how things like communication and coaching styles, your training environment and team dynamics impact on you, then you can work with yourself and your coach to achieve the consistent sports motivation you need. Read more about Athlete Assessments' sports profiling for athletes.

For coaches

Understanding each of your athletes' individual motivators, as well as the role of team dynamics, helps immensely in being an effective, adaptive and motivational coach. Sports profiling gives you the answers you are looking for. Asking your athletes to spend 10 minutes filling out the online sports profiling survey will be your most revealing and useful 'training session' of the season.

As a coach, completing your own sports profiling survey will give you detailed insight into your own motivators, as well as your coaching style, strengths and limitations. You'll learn a lot about yourself as a coach, and find out how to apply that knowledge to become an even more motivated, and motivational, coach.

Read more about Athlete Assessments' sports profiling for coaches and/or for athletes.

For sports administrators, managers and other sports professionals

For all the reasons athletes and coaches benefit from this experience, as sports professionals you can also take advantage of this knowledge about what motivates you in your role.  Find out more information specifically for sports administrators, managers and other professionals working in the sports industry.

To find out more about how Athlete Assessments can help with sports motivation and sports profiling please contact us.

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"The AthleteDISC Profile is a really valuable tool, in a short survey I can find out the best way to communicate with my athletes - what's most likely to work and what will get the results we all want."

- Gary Lynagh, Coach (Olympian and three-time World Champion)

"As an ex-athlete and now coach the Athlete Assessments Profile made me more aware of the way I affect others. My wife was absolutely amazed at the accuracy of the profile!"

- Shane Dalziel, Coach (two-time National Champion, World Kayak Champion)

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