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Athlete profiling can unlock your sports potential

In competitive sport today, physical training will only take you so far - it's the mental aspect that delineates a 'good' performance from a 'great' one. Athlete profiling can help you understand and develop your 'mental talent', as a coach or an athlete, and bring out your best performances.

Athlete profiling is a powerful tool to discover and understand your unique personal style, and how to work with it to achieve the best results. Only once you understand this are you able to truly realize your potential.

Athlete profiling for athletes and coaches of all levels

All athletes and coaches can benefit from athlete or coach profiling - whether your sights are set on Olympic gold or your local club competition.

Athlete Assessments' unique sports profiling system has been developed by multi-medal winning Olympian Bo Hanson. Our completely online, affordable and easy to use sports profiling system has profiling tools specifically for athletes and for coaches. (There is also a profile especially for other team support staff, team managers, sports administrators and other sports professionals - the ManagerDISC assessment.) It takes just 7-10 minutes to complete the survey, which reveals your specific motivators, communication style, sporting/coaching personality and much more.

Athletes, use athlete profiling to discover:

  • What really makes you 'tick' as an athlete.
  • Your behavior styles and motivators.
  • Your mental strengths and barriers, and how they affect your performance.
  • How to use this knowledge to take your performance to the next level.

Coaches, use coach profiling to discover:

  • Your personal strengths as a coach, and areas for improvement.
  • How to communicate more effectively and better understand your athletes.
  • How to deliver coaching that 'connects' with your athletes and generates better performances.

Athlete Assessment' sports profiling system is used by athletes, coaches and sports teams all around the world. Read our article 'The Importance of Sports Profiling' to find out how it can help you realize sporting success.

Want to become a better athlete or a better coach?

The power and potential is within you! Visit our athletes' page or coaches' page to find out more. Or please contact Athlete Assessments with your questions.

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"The AthleteDISC Profile is a really valuable tool, in a short survey I can find out the best way to communicate with my athletes - what's most likely to work and what will get the results we all want."

- Gary Lynagh, Coach (Olympian and three-time World Champion)

"As an ex-athlete and now coach the Athlete Assessments Profile made me more aware of the way I affect others. My wife was absolutely amazed at the accuracy of the profile!"

- Shane Dalziel, Coach (two-time National Champion, World Kayak Champion)

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