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Below are articles related to leadership in sport, for athletes, coaches, sports administrators and anyone involved in sport. The most critical aspects to sports leadership are covered here. (You may also be interested in our most recent articles, the most popular articles or review the other article topics.)

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"Why People Follow Leaders" - You are a leader only if others follow you. Read about leadership research based on what followers look for in their leaders who have a positive impact on their lives. Based on the book Strengths Based Leadership, find out why people follow and the implications for sport and coaches...more

"A Coach's Role is Critical" - A coach's role is critical in the context of our society and my belief is that sport is a medium to teach lessons to our athletes. Lessons about life...more

"Captain & Athlete Leadership Explored" -  Whether your team has a captain and vice-captain duo or a leadership group steering the team from within, athlete leadership is a critical element to be continually working on.   This article explores the qualities and behaviors we seek to develop in our sports leaders...more

"5 Reasons why Professional Athletes are Great Leaders" - It is always refreshing to read an article that shows professional athletes in a positive light.  Find out the 5 Reasons why Athletes are Great Leaders, from James Bailey’s article “Athletes: Natural-Born Leaders...more

"Leadership Development and Coaches" - Inspired by the results of the recent coaches survey, this article focuses on leadership development, coaches' access to mentors and how this compares to business. The statistics are frightening...more

"Leading the Leaders: Best Student Athlete Leadership Programs" - The University of Wisconsin – Madison intertwine two key athlete development programs for multiple benefits. Led by Kelli Richards and Bridget Woodruff, they say the outcomes are exceptional in assisting first year student-athletes transition well into college life while simultaneously developing leadership skills in their older student-athletes...more

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